Obama and Same Sex Marriage – Where Is The News?

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When I started this blog I really had no intention of including political posts. In fact, if anything, I wanted to stay away from politics as politics, as I believe the realm of politics to be inimical to spirituality. But every rule has an exception, and so I find myself drawn to respond to the (non) news that our president has come out in favor of same sex – gay – marriage.

First, I cannot for the life of me see how anyone could think that this is news. Obama has made it clear from the day he was inaugurated that he is in favor of same sex marriage. He ordered the Justice department to cease defending the Defense of Marriage Act. He worked strenuously to overturn “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” And people react to the news like it is something totally unexpected? Get a grip, people. The homosexual lobby is one of his greatest constituents, and maybe his greatest fund raising group. Do you really think he would say anything to antagonize them?

Second, his interview revealed just how utterly and completely bereft of any core values the man is. I don’t want to suggest that a human cannot change – after all what is repentance other than a change of core values. But he has never come out against gay marriage, so to say he has “changed” over the years is the greatest of all lies. I believe the man has no conscience. He is a staggering example of secular relativism. I find it interesting the timing of this announcement. One, it follows right on the heels of an election night in which some real weaknesses in his campaign to be reelected were revealed. Two, it comes after a much publicized meeting with the former president Bill Clinton. Do you not think that Bill had a few words of advice for Obama? If it was one thing Clinton was good at it was getting elected. I find the coincidence significant.

Third, and this is where it ties into my focus on all things theological and biblical – this announcement is a stark revelation of something that I have been talking about for some time. Dorothy told Toto, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” She was right. And we are not in a Christian nation anymore, assuming that we ever were. I think Obama looked at some recent polling data that indicated that a slim majority of Americans have no problem with gay marriage and he decided to capitalize on that number. He wants this to be a wedge issue in the election, thinking that even if people do not necessarily agree with gay marriage, they will be more turned off by what surely will be a strong and vociferous reaction by conservatives and hyper-conservatives. He is hoping for the sympathy vote. And, he is very likely to receive it.

Disciples of Christ need to wake up and realize that we will soon be, if we are not already, in a significant minority in the country. Even within some religious groups (I hesitate to call them “Christian,” although they would self-identify themselves as “Christian”) the majority feel that homosexuality is perfectly normal and a human attribute that needs to be blessed. I just read a fascinating blog article that placed the blame for this turn of events squarely where it needs to be – right on the shoulders of Christians because we have removed the idea of sin from our vocabulary in all areas of our life, but in regard to sexuality in particular. We look at adultery, divorce, pornography, immodest dress and suggestive advertisements and we just wink, wink, nod, nod. If we have so relativized every aspect of deviant sexuality, how can we point to homosexuality and utter such invective and condemnation? We have turned sex into an idol. We worship it, sacrifice for it, even spiritualize it. So, in that sense homosexuality is simply a natural outgrowth of our own idolatry. As the apostle Paul once said, “You who condemn such activities, do you not practice them yourselves?” Which is to say, if you take sexual behavior away from its intended purpose, how can you condemn someone else who does the same thing?

I have been concerned for a long time that the church is becoming marginalized in the public arena – not because the world is pushing us out, but because we are walking away by ourselves. Nature abhors a vacuum, and if disciples of Christ cease to project a message of morality and Christian ethics then the world will fill the void with a message of immorality and secular ethics. We’ve just seen it happen live and in living color. If the church retreats, Satan will occupy our tents.

This is not news. It is the way life has always been, and will always be. The question is, will the church ever learn?

About Paul Smith

Paul was born in Santa Fe, NM. He graduated from high school in Albuquerque, NM, and has lived and worked in NM, TX, OK, and CO. He is married to Susan and father to Kylee. Paul has a BS degree in Youth Ministry, a MS degree in Biblical and Related Studies and an M.Div. degree, all from ACU. In June 2015 he received the D.Min. degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. Paul has served as a youth minister, preaching minister, hospice chaplain, and as a flight instructor and professional pilot for a freight company.

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  1. Hard-hitting words throughout; I was especially convicted when you said, “I have been concerned for a long time that the church is becoming marginalized in the public arena – not because the world is pushing us out, but because we are walking away by ourselves.”

    Thanks for this.

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